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Christmas, because I grew up with it and it's a time where my family can actually get together without the in-family fighting!
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Holy crap, [ profile] beckerbell was right! GDIT BLACKBEARD AND WHITEBEARD )8
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I give up. I'm buying a new keyboard tomorrow /)_(\
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Well, Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper? Did not see that one coming until the end.
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Happy V-day everyone!

...and I don't know what else to say after that.
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Holy shit, Oda just ate my heart and crapped out my soul because he did not do that to Luffy. DDD: Guys? Anyone still reading One Piece?
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What is this thing call plurk? :>
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Oh my god I cannot stop playing Mass Effect 2. Damn you conversation trees and hilarious renegade moments!


And because [ profile] turntap2 is a damn good artist, let me ruin your childhood FOREVER.
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What. Am I supposed to go on AIM or IRC or what?

(Good gracious, I'm only on because I want to draw on 12:33 at night :|)
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How the hell did our two 360s get the ring of death within a week of each other is a mystery.

At least there's the PS3 :B
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Birth by Sleep is one sexy beast, oh yes.
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Oh, Yami no Matsuei, why do you have to be so gay and awesome. In other news, Gamestop sucks because they have HM: Animal Parade The Official Guidebook but not the game. :/
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Ahaha, I am now officially obsessed with Starry Sky )8
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I'm going to see Star Trek for a third time somewhere next week.

Yeah, I'm beginning to suspect that my brother is trying to turn me into a Trekkie (and damn, it's working!)
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Dear me,

No, I do not like disappearing weeks at a time because the internet sucks at someone's house. Or playing P4 into the wee hours into the night, like it was with Advance Wars and Rock Band.

Love, yourself.
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brb going back to ToV and Hetalia.
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Dear drawing skills,

I would appreciate it if you didn't make the characters I'm trying to draw into someone else. Like say, Karol to Tsuna. Thank you.

P.S - Noct's hairstyle is a bitch to draw. What the hell Nomura, you did this on purpose. (I bet if someone tries to do it in real life, it would take hours and two buckets of hair gel.)


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