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-December 31, 2012
・PREJOIN: received strawhat07, strawhat08, swords10, swords15, (sp) rivals10, (sp) rivals11, xgloves06, whelmed12, brass03, airwing15, caesar11, flowers03, purpleticket x1
-January 1, 2013
・GIVEAWAY: received strawhat03, swords14, rivals2, rivals11
-January 2, 2013
・GRAND OPENING: received strawhat13, swords2, (puzzle) starish02
・TREASURE HUNT 01: Task 04 - received sky01, foxmask05, tamaranian12, stylish10
-January 5, 2013:
・PREJOIN: received MC (Sou), changeling09, azaroth01
-January 7, 2013
・FREE SAMPLES 01: received trismegitus03, cancer08, headstrong14, land10
-January 8, 2013
・HARUHI'S COMMANDMENTS 01: received defense12, krimzon09, presecutor14, poneglyph06
・SWITCHES CORNER 01: switched cancer08 for liar13
・DECK RELEASE 01: received foxmask02, navigator05, strawhat01, swords07, jintan01, sky03, land09, acrobat13, (sp) rivals01, (sp) advtime23, (pz) starish03
・DECK RELEASE 02: received enforcer13, rookie01, skilled03, allblue05, liar14, poneglyph15, executor10, magus08, golden12, vessel04, (sp) hats06, (sp) scarves21, (pz) party10
・DECK RELEASE 02: Birthday - received stalker15, niece13, presence05, thirdchild11, retro ticket x 1
・LAST FRIDAY NIGHT 01: received takoyaki10, amanti08
・MUSICAL CHAIRS 01: used changeling09 for ottsel08, traps14, brave03, executor04
・FIX THAT GLITCH 01: received artemsia10, soldier15, curious06, defense09
・TREASURE HUNT 01: Task 02 - exchanged flowers03, stylish10, tamaranian12, caesar11, whelmed12, headstrong14, azarath03, sky01, brass03 for golden09, enforcer10, atlantean06, honest13, luna06, defeated10, tenparu14, headstrong01, nyanmaru06, copy07, blizzard15, earl05, strategist15, curious09, lizard12, risette09, monkeys15, soldier10
-January 9, 2013
・GIVEAWAY: received Prosecutor07, prosecutor08, (pz) starish01
-January 12, 2013
・LAST FRIDAY NIGHT 01: received opening bonus shinrabansho12, redknight12
・LAST FRIDAY NIGHT 02: received freelance13, thirdchild01
-January 14, 2013
・TICKET EXCHANGE: Purple Ticketx1 for statice05, wyvern07, oriens11, tamaranian13
・LOST AT SEA 01: received morte14, defense05, cybernetic10, eyelashes05, (pz) starish15
-January 15, 2013
・FIX THAT GLITCH 02: received sea14, wild14
-January 17, 2013
・PUZZLE CHAIN 01: received left08, cybernetic15, japan11, varnani12, magic15, fireworks06, conflict07, map, blueticket, defense06, witness08
・MEMBER HUNT 02: received commoner05, whiteknight11, (pz) starish11
-January 17, 2013
・SPOT THE DIFFERENCE 02: received blob15, curious02, sandrover12
・HARUHI'S COMMANDMENTS 01: received tsuruko02, camellia14
・PAWN SHOP: traded starish01, ottsel08 for hats01
・KARAOKE PARTY 01: received (pz) party02, (pz) fireworks06, knuckles09, right05


-January 7, 2013:
 ・TRADE with CHRISSY - MC, airwing15 for MC (Chrissy), sword11
-January 8, 2013:
・TRADE with MARGE - MC, skilled03 for MC (Marge), rivals15-January 09, 2013:
・TRADE with TORY - MC, earl05, strategist14, luna06, lizard12 for MC (Tory), (pz) starish07, rivals19, strawhat10
-January 11, 2013:
・TRADE with ROWAN - MC, trismegistus03, artemisia10, risette09, brave03, headstrong01, honesty13 for MC (Rowan), (pz) starish01, (pz) starish08, (pz) starish09
-January 13, 2013:
・TRADE with CHRISSY - curious06, curious09, soldier15 for land08, poneglyph10, prosecutor13
-January 13, 2013:
・TRADE with CHRISSY - copy07, redknight12 for executor02, allblue12
-January 19, 2013:
・TREASURE HUNT TAG (REINE): - received strawhat12, MC (Reine)
・TRADE with ROAX: MC, thirdchild01, thirdchild11 for (pz) starish10, MC (Roax)

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